The electric car market scene

The new electric cars in 2019.

On the electric car market scene something massive going is on after the German car producer roll out their first generation of electric cars no more prototypes this time they are here to buy them. This are mainly SUV with batteries the challenge in the future will also be to build electric motors especially for a flight.

Electric cars

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US electric car maker Tesla stock market chart has climbed in Europe for the first time the top spot in the car sales in the luxury class. Why new? here is a permanent mirror in the comparison of electric and conventional fuel and other to give an idea whats up in the car market and when it become to make sense How to store the electricity (energy) in the car. In the clean mobility future, cars refuel CO2-free generated renewable energy. The lithium-ion battery is not the only technology for storage. Thinking about an electric flight the weight is naturally a real challenge either. 

Here is a permanent updated information about the car market with conventional drive plus battery and electrics and other alternative fuels to get to an idea about the right time to switch to lower costs it will be interesting what innovations are coming with electric motors because in the last few decades nothing special has been constructed beside of the linear motors which are finally electric.

Matte Blue Tesla Model S by GMP Performance

Matte Blue Tesla Model S by GMP Performance Electric Car

  • Tesla

Tesla is still the benchmark with electric cars and in 2017 they sold 16 132 Model S luxury saloons on the continent 30 percent more than in 2016, according to Automotive News Europe magazine. 

  • Here is the newest Audi PB e-tron.

Audi PB18 etron

Here is the newest Audi PB e-tron Audi PB18 etron Audi presents the PB18 e-tron in Pebble Beach California. The sports car has a short battery rom Ingolstadt has a short charging time and brute power. On the Audi PB18 etron Audi is showing an almost biblical zeal for electromobility. 

The electro-division e-tron has developed from a ridiculed marginal note of the brand with the four rings to the central theme of the future. Audi PB18 etron interior The clock rate with which the Ingolstadt car manufacturer presents electrically powered prototypes resembles the staccato with which the oarsmen of the Roman war galleys were drummed at ramming speed. 

Audi PB18 etron (1)

A few months ago it was still the Vision Gran Turismo and now the PB18 e-tron brand slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" should fill with new substance - after all Audi has noticeably lost ground to its main rivals BMW and Mercedes. Audi PB18 etron 

Audi PB18 etron interior

It is is followed by the Mercedes S-Class with 13,359 vehicles (plus 3 percent) and the BMW 7 Series with 11,735 cars (minus 13 percent). 

Audi's A8 also comes on less sold copies than the Model S. The magazine relies on figures from the market research firm Jato Dynamics. Thus Tesla has made a very painful and prestigious push into the home market of the German premium car-maker. For a long time, they thought they were relatively safe from the attacks of the Americans. 

The common idea in the past was electric cars are too expensive.

The common idea in the past was electric cars are too expensive and not yet ready for the long haul local top managers argued among others. But while European manufacturers still do not have a long-range electric car on the market, Model S now comes with a battery charge officially up to 632 kilometers (according to the generous NEDC cycle). In addition, 

Electric Cars Costs.

Tesla has built up a network of hundreds of fast charging stations in Europe over the past four years. In contrast, Volkswagen stock market chart show, Daimler stock market chart show and BMW stock market chart recently started a similar project. An advantage Tesla has now apparently also from an economic point of view. While the Model S in a slimmed-down version is already available from just under 70,000 euros, the S-Class of Mercedes and the BMW 7 Series cost about 85,000 euros up. However, the German luxury sedans are considered to be better processed and comfortable. 

BMW electric car

The electric car is generally cheaper anyway. This makes the battery drive increasingly attractive for company fleets especially since the traditionally popular there diesel in the face of impending driving bans has fallen into disrepute. But only this year, Tesla gets serious

Jaguar I-Pace.

The competition in the expensive luxury segment - in the form of the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi Q6 E-Tron. The plug-in hybrids of Mercedes and BMW sell rather bad - and are expensive with more than 100,000 euros. Subsidies. In many countries Tesla also benefits from subsidies for electric cars. In Norway, for example, buying a battery-powered vehicle suffers many taxes. Especially in the high-priced segment, this results in a big price advantage for the Americans, since they have no real competitors in the electrical segment for years. But even in countries without lush subsidies Tesla is sometimes very successful. In 2017, the Californians in Switzerland dropped more than twice as many Model S cars as Mercedes from the S-Class. Mercedes goes electric on the road Germany meanwhile believes for now being a bastion of the domestic manufacturer. Tesla's Model S comes in 5th place in the luxury class ranking for 2017 behind Mercedes S-Class,BMW 7 Series, 

Porsche Panamera.

Porsche Panamera and Audi A8. Occasionally the Model S is also compared with vehicles of the upper middle class and not the upper class. However, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority classifies the American electric car in a class with the prestige limousines of the German competition. For Tesla, the market launch of the Model X in Europe seems to have been quite passable. It has not been enough for the top spot in the segment of SUVs and SUVs. Nevertheless representatives of some of the top dogs could still be nervous for example on the Porsche stock market chart. The Model X sold in 2017 with 12,000 units already as good as the Cayenne. 

 Audi e-tron.    

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