Electric Aircraft

Electric Aircraft Helicopter & Drones.

Electric Aircraft Helicopter & Drones emergency physicians should soon be able to come to their patients faster with small electric helicopters. The ADAC Luftrettung is launching a pilot project in Bavaria and in Rhineland-Palatinate. 
electric aircraft from Eviations

"Already in the coming months there will be the first research flights said the organization. On the question of whether the use is reasonable and economic it should give first findings in a year.

Small Helicopter for emergency

Eviation electric aircraft Alice

Eviations electric aircraft "Alice".

Eviations electric aircraft "Alice": About 60 percent of the starting weight is likely to account for the batteries, 9400 cells are distributed throughout the aircraft: from the floor over the wings to the ceiling just everywhere in the craft.

Alice made by Eviation

"Alice" by Eviation: Nine passengers and two crew-members should be able to fly it up to 1200 kilometers.

A planned twelve-seater.

A planned twelve-seater (graphics below): A prototype Zunum Aero will have it flying in the next year (2019).

Zunum Aero e-aircraft
Zunum Aero electric airplane

Volocopter prototype.

Volocopter prototype in Dubai

Volocopter prototype (in Dubai, September 2017): They do not want to offer a service for a few well-heeled, the company said. That should be reflected in the pricing policy. In principle, this is possible because electric vehicles have significantly lower maintenance costs than conventional aircraft - partly because there are only a few moving parts that can break.


electric easyjet

electric easyjet (1)

City Airbus (Artist's Impression).

 "City Airbus" (grafische Darstellung): Das Fluggerät soll als eine Art...
"City Airbus" (graphic impression) The aircraft is intended to function as a flying taxi in the metropolises of this world quiet safe and comfortable for the passengers up to four people should be transported autonomously or with pilots.